Dr. Robert "Bob" P. Cooke served our profession unselfishly for many years at the regional and national level.  He served in various roles in SWACUHO, including President in 1975-1976, Newsletter Chair, Program Chair, and was one of the founders of the former Supervisory Skills Workshop.  He was also a recipient of the Jim Gibson Exceptional Service Award (the highest honor awarded in SWACUHO) in 1989.

At the national level he served on the ACUHO-I Personnel Training Committee, Program Committee, and was the Publications Coordinator, Program Committee Chair, and the Chair of the Task Force on Financial Planning as part of the Strategic Planning Process for the Association.

Bob served the University of Texas at Austin for 23 years in the capacity of Assistant to the Dean of Students, Director of Housing and Food Service, Assistant Vice President and finally Associate Vice President of Student Affairs.  Bob helped and supported many young professionals during his long and prolific career.  He was an inspirational, knowledgeable, and outstanding administrator.  He was always there with a kind word and an optimistic outlook.  He personally touched many lives and was quick to provide recognition for a job well done.

Bob Cooke Distinguished Service Award

This award was designed to recognize service, dedication, and significant contributions to student housing at a specific college or university.  All staff levels (custodial, clerical, professional) should be considered, and any SWACUHO member or school may submit a nomination.  This award, in the form of a plaque, may be given to more than one nominee in any one year, but only one nomination per institution will be considered.

Criteria for Selection:

The nominee must have contributed significantly to student housing.  Indicate how the following standards are met:

    • Sincerely and consistently does a job with a high level of performance beyond what is required.
    • Demonstrates loyalty and dedication to the residence halls and/or residence life and maintains an outstanding attitude toward job assignments and fellow employees.
    • Exhibits a positive attitude and willingness to "go the extra mile."
    • Served a minimum of four years at the nominating college or university.
    • Completeness of the nomination e-portfolio (i.e. letters, pictures, awards, etc.)

Past Winners:

2024 Stephanie Laughlin, Texas Tech University
Stephanie Mason, University of Texas at Austin
Kim Queri, Rose State College
Zackery Tucker, Arkansas State University-Beebe
Alison Ventura, Texas Woman's University
Shanese Williams, University of Texas at Tyler

2023 Nikki Laird, Henderson State University
Casey Lightford, The University of Texas at Dallas
Dr. Stephanie McBrayer, University of Central Arkansas
Tamara McClain, Texas Tech University
Melissa Michelle Garland, The University of Texas at Austin
Kevin Solomon, Arkansas Tech University
Zachary Taylor, Sam Houston State University
Drew Townsend, Texas Woman's University

2022 Kathy Allen, Harding University
Erika Bowles, Texas Tech University
Shaneka Guyton, Texas Woman’s University
Cynthia Lew, University of Texas at Austin

2021 Dr. Mylon J. Kirksy, University of Texas at Austin
James Aguanno, University of Houston
Jimmy Kelly, Texas Tech University
Karen Walcott, University of Texas at Arlington
Patricia Nolan, Texas Woman's University

2020 Don Yackley, University of Houston
Dr. Jenise Wooten, Texas Tech University
Elfreda Metcalf, Texas Woman's University
Katelyn Earp, Sam Houston State University
Mark Weiss, University of Texas at Austin
Beth Eppinger, University of Arkansas - Fort Smith

2019 Claudia Ashlock, University of Texas at Austin
Kyle Ashton, Sam Houston State University
Alyssa Marie Loveless, Rose State College
Alicia Marez, Texas Tech University
Dr. Monica Mendez-Grant, Texas Woman's University

2018 David Mayes, Arkansas State University - Beebe
Justin Jaskowiak, The University of Texas at Austin
John Christ, Sam Houston State University
Adonis Thompson, Arkansas State University
Vivek Arunkumar, Texas Woman's University

2017 Jennifer JeanBaptiste Rattliff, Texas Christian University
Melanie Grice, The University of Texas at Austin
Jo Cohn, Texas Woman's University
Jackie Kimbler, Texas Tech University
Randy Henslee, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

2016 Maria Honey, University of Houston
Katy Pelton, Sam Houston State University
Janis Haney, Texas Tech University
Carmen Garza, University of North Texas

2015 Jennifer Walker, University of Texas at Austin
Teresa Simpson, Texas Tech University

2014 Eugene Frier, University of North Texas
Courtney Howard, University of Texas at Austin
Chuck Thetford, Texas Woman's University

2013 Beverley Mixon, Arkansas State University
Meredith Maddox, Texas Woman’s University
Donna Foster, Texas Tech University
Billy Roussel, University of North Texas

2012 Johnnie-Margaret McConnell, University of Oklahoma
Laurie Mackey, University of Texas-Austin
Michael Silvaggio, University of North Texas
Tonya Gilbeaux, Texas Woman’s Universtiy
Genella McCarroll, Arkansas State University
Michael Krenz, Texas A&M University

2011 Brenda Hawkins, Arkansas State University
Danny Driskel, Oklahoma State University
Dale Blevins, Texas Tech University
James Fairchild, University of North Texas
Scott Meyer, University of Texas-Austin

2010 Bonnie Morris, Texas Tech University
Malik Crowder, University of Texas-Austin
Kim Baaechtel, Sam Houston State University
Billy C. Ward, Arkansas State University
Alice Touchstone, Southern Methodist University

2009 Norma Frentrup, Southerm Methodist University
Mark McVay, Texas Tech University
Sharon Miller, University of North Texas
Jesus Reza, University of Texas-Austin
Theresa Yackeyonny, University of Texas-San Antonio Campus Living Villages

2008 Joni Page Cook, Texas A&M University
Lewis Christopher Collins, University of Central Arkansas
Lequice Herman Kohout, Texas Tech University
Maureen M. McGuinness, University of North Texas
LaTonya "LT" Robinson, University of Texas-Austin
Charlotte "Charley" Sanders, Sam Houston State University

2007 Jamie Fain, Stephen F. Austin State University
Randall L. Porter, University of Texas at Austin
Carl Duane Roberts, University of North Texas
Donna Harrison, Southern Methodist University
Janet Roys, Arkansas Tech University
D'aun Green, Texas Tech University
Margaret E. (Beth) Workman, University of Central Arkansas

2006 Ann Weir, Blinn College
Dana Grant, Sam Houston State University
Gaylee Horton, University of Texas at Austin
Shirley Gilmore, Texas Tech University

2005 Paulette English, Texas Tech University
Gloria Allen, University of Texas at Austin
Jan Franks, Southern Arkansas University
Florence Johnson, University of Arkansas
Tiffany Fears, University of North Texas
Peter Ted Ingwersen, Texas State University
Susan Strobel Hogan, Southern Methodist University

2004 Jonathan Lopez, Texas State University
Christina Bomar,University of Texas at Austin
Micky Allen, Stephen F. Austin State University
Paula Snow, University of Texas at San Antonio
Sean P. Duggan, Texas Tech University

2003 Erma Daye, Texas Tech University
Jorge Carlos Lozano Lain, ITESM
Jim Short, Century Campus Housing Managment, L.P.
Joellen N. Tipton, Sam Houston State University

2002 Amy Ellison, Texas Tech University
Charlie Mae Green, University of Houston
Mary Harper, University of Texas at Austin
Jeff Johnson, University of Texas at Arlington
Rita Malaer, Texas Lutheran University
Gabi Rios-Fraticelli, Texas State University
Carlolyn Seligman, University of North Texas

2001 Alice Scott, Texas Tech University
Doug Garrard, University of Texas at Austin
Wayne Bennett, Sam Houston State University
Marie Cotten, Southern Methodist University
Ashley Watson, Stephen F. Austin State University
Loye Dawn Hunt, University of Arkansas
Dr. Cindy J. Flanagan Stride, University of North Texas

2000 Juanita L. Burns, Southern Methodist University
Annie Dawson, University of North Texas
Tonya Gilbeaux, Texas Woman's University
Mary Ruth Jones, Texas Christian University
Dan Mizer, Texas A&M University
Cheryl Pritchard, Texas Tech University
Dr. David F. Schrage, University of Oklahoma
Mary Ellen Sims, Sam Houston State University
Thomas Walker, University of Texas at Austin

1999 David L. Annis, University of Oklahoma
Opal Klaehn, University of Texas at Austin
Margaret Lambert, University of North Texas
Ora O'Neal, Sam Houston State University

1998 Rod Fehlhafer, University of Texas at Austin
E. Thayne King, Sam Houston State University
Patsy Wahnee, Oklahoma State University - Okmulgee
Helen Adkins, University of Oklahoma
Robbie Fulmer, University of Central Arkansas
Diana Forson, University of North Texas

1997 J Courson, Southern Arkansas University
Susan Austin, Southern Methodist University
Paul Giessen, University of Tulsa
Donna Elliott, University of Central Arkansas
Rodney Blagg, University of North Texas
Mildred Whitley, University of Texas at Austin
Elfrieda Hopkins, Oklahoma State University - Okmulgee

1996 Dr. Gary Roberts, University of Central Arkansas
Janice Daman, University of Texas at Austin
D'nese Haddox, Stephen F. Austin State University
Lillian Lovelady, Southern Methodist University
Brian Montgomery, Texas State University
Tom Murray, Texas A&M University
Bambi Jo Harris, Texas Woman's University
Robert F. Williams, Oklahoma State University

1995 Elisabeth Warren, University of North Texas
Carolyn Smith, University of Central Arkansas
Richard Kennedy, University of Texas at Austin
Mildred Custer, Southern Methodist University

1994 Joane Dickerson, Arkansas State University
Betty Chafton, University of Central Arkansas
Iris Tilmon, Texas A&M University
Ricky Early, University of Texas at Austin

1993 Bob Huss, Oklahoma State University
Estella Harper, University of Texas at Austin
Carolyn Sue Wells, Texas State University

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